SAS 2013 – The most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills.

by Andy Gonerka on March 3, 2013 · 0 comments

The Annual Student Advertising Summit (SAS) recently occurred on Friday, February 22. This one-day event provided students pursuing advertising and marketing careers an opportunity to hear from industry heavyweights, network with creative professionals and tour the leading agencies in the Twin Cities. For this year’s SAS, the Ad 2 crew was thrilled to provide dual keynote presentations. This post is the first of two highlighting the lessons learned from these presentations.

The first keynote – Lessons About New Digital, Brought To You By Old TV – was presented by Rocky Novak (@rockynovak) Director of Digital Development for Fallon, and Aki Spicer (@akispicer), Director of Digital Strategy for Fallon. Their presentation provided guidance on what will be needed to ensure success executing digital marketing strategies, in a way only the Rocky & Aki Show could do.

“As consumer technology has evolved over the years, so has advertising,” stated Novak. “Each new channel that became accessible, required advertisers to adapt to it. Digital marketing, and the connected technologies that drive it, provides a challenge for marketers as it is evolving at breakneck speed. However, those who can adapt have an unbelievable opportunity to actively engage with their consumers.”

So what is the key to adapting to digital strategies? Novak and Spicer shared five lessons, with classic television programs providing the context:

Data isn’t scary if you know what to do with it – Connected technologies are providing organizations unprecedented insight into their consumers’ preferences and behaviors. Understanding how to analyze this data to drive future tactics will be the ultimate value of any digital marketing effort.

There are no experts…yet – Digital marketing is still in its infancy, meaning 20-year industry vets and recent grads are all on the same playing field. The opportunity this provides for those just starting their careers to have an immediate impact is a rare occurrence. Take advantage of it!

People want to feel special, so treat them that way – All consumers are people. Tailored messaging, customized web experiences and one-to-one interactions are replacing static, mass communications. Even more, customers are now vocal brand ambassadors and collaborators. The opportunity to connect with a person on an individual level – always a marketers dream – is now truly a reality.

Pace means more opportunity to make stuff cool – Throw out your editorial calendars. Decisions – and actual actions – need to happen in real time. Look no further than this year’s Super Bowl. The blackout during the game provided Oreo and Audi the opportunity to create viral, unplanned ads that propelled their brands into the spotlight. Neither brand veered from the core campaigns they had been executing in recent years, but their ability to instantaneously deliver fresh content is what separated them from all other advertisers.

People don’t want ads, but they might want your content – We’ve all seen the stats on how many advertisements an individual is bombarded with each day. Its no wonder we’re all wary of ‘ads’.  However, if you deliver content that is entertaining, intriguing or interesting to your audience, the viral effect connected technologies provides, can turn each and every consumer into a potential distribution channel.

“While technology and behavior are intrinsically linked, it is important to remember eventually all technology will fade, so always follow behavior,” stressed Aki Spicer. “Because of this, to succeed, we must all remember the most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills.”

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